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Default Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Both of these are not apart from one another they're both mind and a part of the same energetic sequence or frequency. We may view these as being abstract but such isn't the case, rather only a concept.

What would happen if you was conscious of the subconscious mind?

You would awaken from what would feel like a deep sleep, like when you wake up in the morning after having a very vivid dream.
You would not say you was disconnected from that experience but a more accurate view would be your conscious mind was able to perceive lucid images of ongoings created within the subconscious but then these fade away as we begin to then sleep walk through the rest of our day.

We have developed an interface which as such advances we become more and more asleep and distracted from a greater experience, while one part of the mind is subdued more and more becoming the term subconscious as we distance ourselves with what we label that part of suppression of the mind, rather than seeing it as the gateway to an infinite experience of consciousness that is under attack by our delusions we create for ourselves or by the enforcement of a system created and imposed by others that would rather suppress our very ultimate nature.
This is censorship or self censorship of ultimate existence.
Danny Edwards
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