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Originally Posted by amberleaf View Post
The advice they used to give to old folks (not saying you are old but that it is a money saving tiip) is to heat only one room. But you might get damp if the other rooms are permanently cold and that's bad for you. So open the windows during the day to air the place for at least some of the time and spend your daytime in the very generously heated public buildings - libraries etc., (That's what I used to do)

Nowadays I shove the heating on for an hour in the evenings and we dress for winter and keep doors closed but we still go to bed early. I'd like to put a wood burning stove in as we have a firepalce but the quote was in the thousands and we are in private rent. The house is f*king freezing most of the year round.

I have heavy curtains and warm colours for winter but it's still an awful thought
It need not cost so much to have a stove fitted, I did my own for 250 quid.

You can get a pucker chimney liner from BES, see here

You don't need a HEATAS engineer, just a competent person according to the rules if one wishes to follow them anyway.

If you do your homework correctly you can buy the gear and get someone like me to fit it for your. It should cost tops 300 for the gear minus the stove, and you don't need extra vents as long as you stay below 5 KW.
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