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Default Chloe Grace Moretz (HIT-GIRL) - Illuminati Puppet

This acting prodigy seems to be showing signs of Illuminati puppeteering.
She's been in the business since she was about 5 years old.
Whether or not she's aware of it, she is being used by TPTB to expose us to their symbols and such.

You may recognize her as "HIT-GIRL" from the popular film, Kick-Ass.

Here's an alarming video that show signs of manchurian candidate-like mind control. I've seen similar behaviours among reporters and other celebrities:

Skip to: 1:31 and watch until 1:35

What do you guys think about that? What do you suppose this means?

Here are images I found from various sources (google search haha)

BBC’s foundation “Children in Need” (yes, BBC is the company that protected pedophile Jimmy Savile) created “high fashion” versions of the foundation’s logo: A one-eye bear. These bears were promoted celebrities. Here’s child-star Chloe Moretz posing with a bear in leopard-print (which represents Beta programming in mind control). That is all so twisted.

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