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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
I never run away from a good debate .... if you raise an issue that needs addressing I will deal with it ...
That is 100% exactly what you do every time.

But I don't feed the trolls and that's why I rarely respond to your abusive, foul mouthed and personal insults ...
You truly pathetic hypocrite. You come onto this thread to directly wind me troll.....then accuse me of doing what you just did. FYI...kicking your useless butt is not trolling.

I advise others not to feed the troll ... anyone who thinks chemtrailing is not happening is not worth debating ... I have linked to all the evidence many times on many threads , and I'm not going through it all again.
It should be dead simple to list 5 pieces of direct evidence....yet all you say is you dumped some links. I've read the links ....they're predominantly some clown looking at pictures. Or maybe you want to link me to where some deceptive sod has lifted passenger ballast test pictures and said "oooh look it's dem chemtrails innit". I gave YOU a multi page website directly debunking every single horseshit claim. I know you didn't bother reading it.

The closest I came to a debate with you was your idiotic claim about the inter dimensional being in space....the out of focus blurred Venus

Run away......
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