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According to GK, our Eternal Essence exist in omniverse outside this universe, light-based soul exist in 9th dimension, higher self in 7th to 5th dimension, then that leaves the oversoul. Where would oversoul exist but 4th dimension? GK says these wayward gods entities exist in 4th dimension and are cosmic entities. They probably have no access to their higher self thus the need for synthetic light and dark construct and feeding on other beings via chakra kundalini system. Since everything that happens in lower dimensions is pre-organized by higher self according to GK, i think higher self has full access to these wayward gods but the wayward gods don't and probably not even aware of their higher self or just know about it from other beings. Oversoul if it is everyones 4th dimensional cosmic soul, i guess it is kind of an imbalanced version of higher self beyond the great void.
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