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Cash for diagnosis from the big pharma/ government nexus who together push the wider progressive agenda to socially engineer society...

GP ‘bribes’ to diagnose dementia undermine patients’ trust in doctors

By Laura Donnelly, Health Editor
26 February 2019 • 6:00am

Paying GPs to identify dementia undermines patients’ trust in doctors, a study suggests.

In recent years, health officials have introduced a series of schemes which typically pay family doctors £55 a head for every patient classed as having the condition.

The initiatives came despite concern from some GPs that they would be seen as “bribes” which could sway doctors towards misdiagnosis.

Researchers from the University of York examined more than 7,000 practices in England to examine the impact of the schemes, which began to be introduced in 2013.

The study found that the incentives were associated with a significant fall in confidence and trust in the GP – of around five percentage points, in patient polling.
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