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Flight Lieutenant Adrian John Nichol (born December 1963, North Shields) is a retired Royal Air Force navigator who was shot down and captured during the first Gulf War...On his first mission age 27 during Operation Desert Storm on 17 January 1991 which started at Muharraq Airfield, an ultra-low level daylight mission on Ar Rumaylah airfield, while acting as number 2 to Squadron Leader Paul "Pablo" Mason with RAF Laarbruch-based XV Squadron, his Panavia Tornado ZD791 was critically hit by a shoulder-launched SAM SA-14, and he and John Peters were captured by the military of Iraq.. After capture he was shown, bruised, on Iraqi television.. He Was tortured in the Abu Ghraib prison. John Nichol Was released by the IraQis at the end of the Gulf War..

For the Gallet family of watchmakers, the relocation to La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1826 after 350 years in Geneva proved to be a most advantageous move. With the resources available in the “Watch Valley”, family patriarch Julien Gallet (1806–1849) was able to expand the new company’s distribution of its pocket watches to all of Europe..In 1855, Julien Gallet’s son Léon (1832–1899) purchased Grumbach & Co., complete with factory and equipment, to address the need for greater manufacturing capabilities. With this increase in work area, Gallet was able to bring together under one roof many of the Jura Region’s watchmakers to help meet Europe’s increasing demand for watches..Léon Gallet allowed his watchmakers to benefit through the registration of patents in their own names. This unique approach inspired innovation with Gallet's artisans and allowed the company to offer a very extensive range of watches.. With innovation came growth and Gallet & Cie grew to become one the largest timekeeping manufacturers in Switzerland..The Sun is a daily tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is published by the News Group Newspapers division of News UK, itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp... are superpower of villains.. I always enjoyed learning a new tonglen..You always were a cunnyiliginus don..You were pretty good with that hook..Good evenin, my golden retrievers.. What kind of havoc shall the Carver Media Group create in the world today..They are superpower of Al Capone...

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