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And another thing the Arcturus's Love you, however you wont find much info on them, if you do let me know ya lucky bastards!

Try some info out on the Sirians, I cant find much and I don't really bother as I after their technological values, could be interesting'

I read somewhere that there is approximately 629 Satellites in 0rbit sometimes known to frequent the outer core and the inner core of Earth itself.

The funniest thing is is Earth only has one Satellite of considerable high band and then theirs the Russians with their LF0 Design.

Also there's to many fuckin Satellite dishes on this planet in which it only takes one satellite to fucking respond to all of the other satellite dishes on this planet, leading to the factors of this.

'If one Satellite responds to all the other Satellites as one, it pretty much suggests that you only need one Satellite Times x Amount of Dishez as it is.

But this is the fucking thing hahaha, There all different bands and spectrum driven/operations/and P0s!t!0n$ that the Satellites are in general reflective of their kn0wn location and operable bands themselves



Have fun talking to the Satellites, haha D0nt get [email protected]@N0!D, they are your friend! <3
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