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Originally Posted by grannie27 View Post
This comments says it all about your real agenda on this thread .....
Really Whats my agenda then ?

There will be a campaign to prosecute for negligence -
The Police will use prior behaviour as mitigating evidence-

Not sure what agenda I'm showing there.

This evidence will mean no prosecutions of those there on the day - Wheres my agenda in that.

Oh you must mean the bit where I implied that they would get away with the cover up by blaming somebody long dead - aye you right I'm secretly supporting the police.

Get a bloody grip expressing my cynical opinion those responsible will get away scot free is hardly showing an agenda is it.

Edit ah - I think there may be confusion over my next will come a campaign for prosecution comment.
As written I accept that it could be mistaken for now theyve got this they will try to get this what I meant was following on from the inquest the next phase in the process is prosecution.

My apologies if that was unclear and misread.

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