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Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship..

Psi Upsilon..

Scot Chisholm Reporting - 017 of 374..

USS New Jersey (BB-62) was launched on 7 December 1942 (the first anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor) and commissioned on 23 May 1943..The USS New Jersey, one of the great Iowa Class Battleships, was reactivated in the late 1960s to serve during the height of the Vietnam War..Her forward 40mm guns were removed and then sealed and piped, painted blue and made into swimming pools..In 1983, a bloody civil war was raging in Lebanon.. Beirut barracks bombing—the U.S. government announced that New Jersey would be retained off Beirut although her crew would be rotated..Carrying on a tradition he had begun in World War II of spending Christmas with U.S. forces overseas, Bob Hope and his troupe of entertainers gave a show on board the New Jersey on 24 December 1983..The decision to decommission New Jersey robbed the battleship of the chance to participate in Ope-ration Desert Storm in 1991, a military campaign to forcibly remove Iraqi invasion troops from Kuwait..New Jersey earned nine battle stars for her World War II service, four for the Korean War, two for the Vietnam War, and four for action in Lebanon and the Persian Gulf region - Tradition stating that the Chisholms were a Norman family who arrived in England after the conquest of 1066..

Can you tell us why the violence is continuing?..

Gulf War (018 of 374) - Desert Shield Broadcast (New Zealand): 17th August, 1990..

William Sebastian Cohen (born 28, August 1940) is an American politician and author from the U.S. state of Maine..His mother, Clara (née Hartley), was of Protestant Irish ancestry, and his father, Reuben Cohen, was a Russian Jewish immigrant..After graduating from Bangor High School, Cohen attended Bowdoin initiated as a brother of the Kappa chapter of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity..As Secretary of Defense Cohen played a large role in directing the US military actions in Iraq and Kosovo, including the dismissal of Wesley Clark from his post as the NATO Supreme Allied Commander - Les Aspin ( 21 July 1938 – May 21, 1995) was a US Representative supported the Reagan administration regarding the MX missile and aid to the Nicaraguan Contras, but he opposed the B-2 bomber and the Strategic Defense Initiative..Aspin ran as a peace candidate in 1970, opposing the Vietnam War and was elected as a Democrat to the 92nd and to the 11 succeeding Congresses - After active duty service in the US Coast Guard, Sam Nunn served 6 years in the US Coast Guard Reserve -William Chisholm (called I in some biographies) was a British divine, and bishop of Dunblane + Chisholm Point, a cape of Tiran Island In Saudi Arabia, which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba..Some sources report that many beaches on the island are mined..Only the Prince of Detectives, you say?.., you sell me for two hundred bucks..Then I'm gonna marry the Princess; then you cut in on me..Then we're carried off by a desert sheik..Now, we're gonna have our heads chopped off..I hope she didn't hear that..I hear there are pirates in these waters..You sound like a stranger..You haven't lived very long in this town, huh?...

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