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From all of us at Weather Watchers..

This unique maritime forecast, which is issued by the Met Office on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, and broadcast on BBC Radio 4, is the longest running continuous forecast in the world..The Shipping Forecast began after a powerful storm off the coast of Anglesey in 1859 led to the deaths of 800 people and the loss of 133 ships...In 1911, the Met Office began issuing marine weather forecasts which included gale and storm warnings via radio transmission for areas around Great Britain..To sailors and sea captains, the forecast provides vital weather information..This phenomenon, called the "stack effect", causes the home to suck air up from the crawl space into the main area of the home..

Radio 4 Shipping Forecast..

The fourcast is read by Laurie MacMillan, born in Aberdeen on the east coast of Scotland..Graduating with a degree in Politics and Philosophy..The Haberdashers motto is Serve and Obey..Broadcast Saturday 18 December 1993 on Radio 4/BBC2 (or more accurately in the early hours 19th Sunday)..Sailing By is also played in full at the beginning of each weekly broadcast of the Shipping Forecast (approximately 23:30 on Sunday evenings) on Brooklands Radio, an internet-based local radio station in Weybridge, Surrey..In 1955, meteorologists from countries with North Sea coastlines met and recommended that the UK's sea area 'Heligoland' be renamed 'German Bight' to reflect more general usage amongst the nations concerned..They also recommended the divisions of 'Dogger' (with the north-eastern portion to be named 'Fisher') and 'Forties' (with the northern half becoming Viking), and the renaming of 'Iceland' as 'South-east Iceland' for greater clarity..Viking, Forties, Dogger, Fisher, Sole and Bailey are named after sandbanks..FitzRoy is named after Robert, the first professional weather forecaster, captain of HMS Beagle and founder of the Met Office... is a residential number and you are speaking to the lady of the house on a white, slim line telephone with last number redial facility..And you are?..Regional Postal Manager...

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