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Exclamation The ‘Order of the Garter’ - ‘The One Ring to Rule Them All’?

‘One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them’

Extract from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings….

(Tolkien was Professor of English at Oxford – 8 miles down the road from Woodstock, Oxford where the Knights of the Garter were founded in 1348).

Some characteristics of the One Ring:

i) a magic ring of invisibility
ii) malevolent power created to win dominion over Middle-earth
iii) unlike other rings, the One Ring was not susceptible to DRAGON FIRE
iv) The Ring slowly but inevitably corrupted its bearer, regardless of the bearer's initial intent
v) The Ring had the ability to change size adapting to it’s new owner
vi) Normally the One Ring appeared perfectly plain and featureless, but when heated its inscription appeared in fiery letters.

Fig 01_Arms_of_the_Most_Noble_Order_of_the_Garter by Prince Arthur, on Flickr

Tolkien may be suggesting that the ‘Order of the Garter’ is the ‘One Ring to Rule them All’.

George and Dragon Montage by Prince Arthur, on Flickr

The ‘George and Dragon’ is the central symbol for this Order of Knights.

The Garter symbolism also has the following characteristics

• An air of invisibility and malevolence - it's everywhere including the British Passport front cover but nobody sees it

• Impervious to ‘Dragon Fire’

• When heated its inscription appears in fiery letters

• Adjustable to fit the wearer

Not dis-similar to Tolkien’s ‘One Ring to Rule them All’?


KG 902 Prince Philip circled is pictured with relatives_wearing Nazi Uniforms 1937 Knight of the Garter by Prince Arthur, on Flickr

More Nazi Connections......

Pince Philip – Knight of the Garter #902

Philip, circled, is pictured with relatives wearing Nazi uniforms at his sister Cecile's funeral in Germany in 1937.

He was mourning death of his older sister Cecile, who died in an air crash.

Three of his sisters married German aristocrats who became leading Nazis.

For more compelling evidence that the

‘Order of the Garter’

is the

‘One Ring to Rule them All’



Who wears the One Ring to rule them all?
The demise of The Holy Roman Empire was in 1806....wasn't it?
Is the EU the Holy Roman Empire re-incarnated?


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