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Originally Posted by Sabrina View Post
“The idea that women were oppressed throughout history is an appalling theory.”

“Women are higher when it comes to Agreeableness — wanting everyone to get along…and Neuroticism — higher in negative emotion…”

“This is a note to women You have obtained power, even equality. Even in some cases, superiority. But you have not taken responsibility for reining in your insane sisters. Men cannot do it. Men cannot oppose pathological women because chivalry demands they keep their most potent weapons sheathed. It’s up to you. The forces that have provided you with oft-unhappy freedom have also bred the shrieking harpies of fairness and victimisation.”

“It’s very common to go into a household where there’s a war in the kitchen. And that’s the … manifestation of the war between men and women in the household. And that to me is also a secondary consequence of the invention of the birth control pill.”

“The unknown – as it can be encountered – is female; and female, with paradoxical qualities. The Great and Terrible Mother of All Things promises endlessly; she also threatens, absolutely.”

“The Great Mother – unexplored territory – is the dark, the chaos of the night, the insect, ophidian and reptilian worlds, the damaged body, the mask of anger or terror – the entire panoply of fear-inducing experiences, commonly encountered (and imagined) by Homo sapiens.”

These are all Jordan Peterson quotes on women - I take it back I was wrong

What do I think will happen next? Nothing much - I'll put the popcorn away - He will get richer, get more fans, more haters, lecture us some more and fall from grace and some people will wake up some will defend him.
Quotations are not really damning evidence, unless used in context.

And the reason that I say this is because I have seen other quotes by Jordan Peterson which some feminist or other has tried to use against him, and then he mentions the context that they were said in, and the feminist sqirms back under from whence she came.

I am not saying that Peterson is perfect by any means lol (who is anyway? I certainly arent). But from what I have seen, he is a very strong and clever individual, who does NOT like the ideology behind "political correctness", and rightly so.
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