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Originally Posted by Sabrina View Post
And that's your personal opinion....
like I said he says the right things and the people he debates with will always let themselves down as they are dealing with someone better armed with psychology that knows how to get a reaction....and when not to react
But gaining trust is the first step to controlling people...
what comes next...we shall see...
What he actually says is that women and men are different and men should dominate women in order for us to be happy....hmmm
Yes because the left have spent many years telling women that to be happy is to be an independent woman who can have everything without a man.

I can understand how after all this brainwashing, the thought of a man in charge is repugnant to you, but women like bad boys for just such a reason, and turn away from the beta males who exhibit feminine ideals.

The fact is, in general, women DO like to be dominated by men.
They just don't want that position to be abused by them.

Its only the feminists who think men are the enemy and that natures ways are somehow oppressive.

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