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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
Water memory is there for a reason - to interfere with it unnaturally would render the water unable to self-purify.
A satisfactory self-recovery cannot be undertaken where memory of the original and pure state has been altered.
Field Science or Tesla Magnetic Science or Magnetic Field Science is where everything is a Memory of water as everything can go into water and everything can come out of water. This makes everything a MEMORY of WATER.

Carbon is made by a Seed of Heavenly Tech that uses Water and Suns Plasma to make Carbon.

Iron is made by Sea Microbes using water and Suns Plasma. Hematite the source of Iron ore. (makes one wonder how all iron on earth is organic in origin yet the Core of the Earth is supposed to be iron.)

Everything, thats all the elements and compounds, are a MEMORY PATTERN of WATER
Magnetic Reasonant Field Patterns or Lightning strike patterns or Snowflake patterns is how the......

New Stablized Magnetic Field Patterns are laid out in a Periodic Table.
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