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Originally Posted by zArk[ie] View Post
edited AC? Activated Carbon

where i am is wondering how to structure the water and if a gravity filter does this ?

i have a container and limited space. i filter tap water.
i am thinking about the memory of water retaining the metals and processing chemicals even after being removed from teh water using candles.

are you saying that a homemade filter would structure the water while filtering it??
What do you mean by "structure"? Rainwater is natural distillled and reasonably pure - an AC filter would last between changes - using only rainwater / 12 - 36 months + for 3 -5kg AC / for 5 years + + with 10 kg AC. For mineralising with beneficial elements use maifan and C60 - and add any additional as wanted through the filter box - e.g. magnesium bicarbonate, etc. Maifan also picks up and retains any heavy or radioactive metals/water missed by the AC, whilst releasing beneficial elements - C60 likewise.
ph would be 7 - 7.5 at all times without the bicarb. AC is about £1.00 per kg to buy in bulk. Use ceramic bio-rings as purifier.
Using tapwater would require maybe 5 - 10 times that amount of AC.

Buy a food grade tool box with inner tray, and this will provide a streaming filter on the tray, and a sump(gravity filter in the base) See link I gave for details - a suitable toolbox of food grade plastic will cost around £10 and will take 10kg of AC . - Don't need to change AC for 5 -6 years if using only pure rainwater in that - have particle filters fitted prior to the AC.
If limited to tapwater, then you are more or less stuck with reverse osmosis filtering, if on tap, or if transfering by hand then the water needs to stand with the ac for several hours if possible to give a much better result. 10kg AC will need changing around every 500 litres. - and the filter box will have to be cleaned out each time as there will be chemicals deposited on the plastic.(no such problems with rainwater) However abrasive materials cannot be used on the plastic - so if the deposits are impossible to remove, then it would be a new container/toolbox each time filter media is changed.

The water in your body

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