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Water memory is not related to heavy metals and toxins - they are not "water" - they are only carried until they can be dumped. Water dumps them as soon as it can. Similarly, filters only remove anything from that is unnatural ( toxins, dirt, stones, etc) - to a certain degree, apart from distilling which will remove most bad and good ingredients/minerals.
I would estimate for 25 litres of tap water you would require a streaming filter and a sump filter handling to minimum half an hour of minimum 1 kg of carbon AC, after which it would have to be renewed - it cannot be cleaned. A 5kg AC treatment would take around two hours and be capable of filtering over 100 - 200 litres of tap water. If continuing to use AC filtering when it is at capacity, will result with fluoride and heavy metals leaching back into the water.
5kg AC with rainwater as above system, would last about 36 months.

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