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Are you using rainwater or tapwater - for rain, a gravity filter and a 10 litre AC filter should do the trick ( +sump filter too), for tapwater you need a reverse-osmosis filter with rechargeable AC cartidge. One for rain is gravity-fed, one for tap is pressurised, or if using just a jug, you need either a distiller or a sump filter, and prefilter with ac. That should remove the majority of heavy metals and fluoride, but not all - You need a 10 liter filter to do the lot, but it has to be gravity fed, it cannot be pressurised. However a distiller, then through a smaller AC filter afterwards should remove the lot too, but you will be left with distilled water, nevertheless distilled water is great for de-toxing, but should only be used for drinking for a maximum of around five years. To mineralise additional filtering, and remove radioactive particles/water too, maifan filter at the end of your cycle should do a good job, as will shungite neutralise any problems and remineralise, but needs contact for longer than the maifan, minimum 24 hours.

Water Harvesting

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