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Originally Posted by grasshopper View Post
sexual energy is one of of the strongest energies we possess…
Yes, it is.

so it should be clear to not just play around with it
As I understand it, sexual energy is an amplifier. A human being is a filter, which means they can tune into a given bandwidth. So for example this reality is on a given bandwidth of frequency vibration. Well, there is there are the various frequency matrices within the reality matrix bandwidth, but also a vast number of other bandwidths outside which can be tuned into.

Well, suppose that you have 2 people who have their filters tuned into the same part of the spectrum, but they both want greater resolve on that given bandwidth, perhaps there is a particular fine range of frequency separation you want to zone in on.

The problem with the human filter is that if you over tune it, it starts to feedback on itself and it becomes an oscillator. So you end up broadcasting on the very frequency you're trying to listen in on, which of course is a major source of irritation for others round about you, you're creating interference in other words.

So, in order to get round that, you're better off resonating with someone else rather than recklessly transmitting in all directions. One of the things you can do with a filter and an oscilator is you can use the filter to tune into a particular band of frequencies and then use the oscilator to send out a similar but not exact frequency to the one you're trying to get. You then compare the 2 frequencies. Then you take a second filter and use that to separate out the frequencies which you have compared, and now you can zone right into the plane you're after.


it makes no wonder that many spiritual masters live abstinent cause they have learned to use it wisely and not give it away just like that
In earlier times constructive abstinence was more possible. Now there is simply too much noise, especially if you live in a city.


so for example watching porn is just dumb cause you give it away in the nothing and it just plays around your lower chakras which are also the chakras responsible for flee or fight

when a feeling can not reach the heart chakra its just shit and you should let it be

The thing about porn is it's a satanic ritual. Porn is not sex. It's anti sex if it is anything. Notice how in porn, advertising and pop music, the primary vibrations are always energy sapping low frequencies designed to keep people locked into the matrix. A spiritual master who abstains would have a tough time dealing with that and would need to seek solitude, which is now much harder to do.

I would suggest that using sexual energy to overcome all that is a skill akin to learning to meditate.
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