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Originally Posted by grasshopper View Post
sexual energy is one of of the strongest energies we possess…so it should be clear to not just play around with it

it makes no wonder that many spiritual masters live abstinent cause they have learned to use it wisely and not give it away just like that

so for example watching porn is just dumb cause you give it away in the nothing and it just plays around your lower chakras which are also the chakras responsible for flee or fight

when a feeling can not reach the heart chakra its just shit and you should let it be


it is not respected by many and is given away or misused.

I had a really strong connection with a soulmate and I didnt wait as long as I perhaps should have done in hindsight. I wished I had now because it can change the frequency of the energy you both share, and thus the union.

Also waiting allows the discovery of a being so you know whether they are compatible to share such a sacred act with them. It goes beyond horniness when it it respected and done right. It also keeps the unsavouries from using you up for their own selfish wants.

I met a lovely guy and he was a guy who wanted to wait until we knew more of each other. He was s sweet and funny (genius guitarist) but he said in a convo that he got off on the other words his waiting wasnt for the right reasons, it was about his own gratification and almost self masochism so I didnt go any further with him. I was so glad I hadnt especially since a cpl hings he said made me feel "oh ok so youre in sexual primary school still". Im tired of coming up against this, that few men seem to hold the truth of enjoinment. Porn has skewed a mans true sexual potential, it really has messed with what is an immensely powerful union and instead reverted it back to something physically primitive, rather than it transcending into physical/emotional/mental/spiritual. I dont mean to offend with that comment but just what I have experienced and observed.

However, I am sensing a mate about to enter my life in the not so distant future. I already sense him and am getting clues to his being. We share the same values so this could be interesting if, ahem, he has already figured out his sexual maturity We could hold so much love for all down here :luv:
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