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Originally Posted by verndewd View Post
if you have consent its all good if you dont it doesnt matter what you do it violates laws spiritually. Doesnt matter what energy you put forth, if you dont have consent its an attack. Thats one of mankinds biggest areas of underdevelopment, we're all using energy against each other without consent, given my recent history with black magic attackers ive learned that even if there is a just reason for anger , to project it just indebts you to a cycle thats never ending., worst i do anymore is annoyed energy and let it drop, and thats freakishly hard with the recurrent energies i have to wade through every morning, but its a constant , ever present focus. Im very close to just allowing my spirit to be the energy that comes forth. The mind doesnt have any useful energies to speak of. True its part of the energy barter here on earth but i reflect on the dalai lama a lot for his perspective, and the guy is right. its just back breaking work to get there.
There is NO way to not exchange energy with others. Sexual or not.
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