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Default TO me, it's theft. IT's oneway only.

Originally Posted by gheysun View Post
So ever since i have been experiencing some sort of 'spiritual' or 'higher consciousness' kind of thing, i have been able to connect with spirits (or people) on a sexual level. When i experience these things it usually involves thinking of a specific person in a sexual manner and receiving positive and consensual feedback, resulting in a feeling of extreme sexual connection and desire and an erection state. I am unsure as to what is actually happening during these moments, perhaps a charging of the chakras or something? I am unsure.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?
That is awesome that you can do that. I can as well.
But most of the time i am stealing their sexual energy for my benefit.
I don't believe that person is even aware what I am doing.
SO it's mainly a oneway thing.
But I had an experience where we both were very aware of what we were doing. Both our sexual chakras connected and we BOTH knew that.
SO my point is HOW do you know that person is given it back to you?

I think your are only ASSUMING that. So STOP stealing their sexual energy for your benefit!!! lmao
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