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Originally Posted by morphal View Post
What is Alex's background?
Good question ..... does anybody know ??

A prediction coming true doesn't necessarily verify him as for real, as TPTB obviously knew about 9-11 long before it happened, not to say he's consciously working for them, but that the information could have been implanted into his mind, that he could be used.
Yes I've heard the story about him predicting 911 ..... then I watched the actual video ..... and it was nothing more than a vague and passing comment ..... he didn't predict it at all !!

I don't know whether he's used or not, and don't really have an opinion on it. Predictions that don't come true also don't mean that he's not for real, because things change.
Come on, apparently his Alien buddies (who can also time-travel!) told him all this ..... either the Aliens are liars or he is !!

I haven't seen the Mars and Moon thing, what sort of predictions was he making then that didn't come true? Sometimes I guess a lot of events are pushed back so it would be interesting to see if these predictions are still things that could be coming.
He made many predictions all the way through the 2 hour lecture, however right at the end he read out a list of things that should have taken place by 2004 ..... like ET contact from 9 different races, free energy, discovery of a hollow earth city and Atlantis etc .....

Check it out - from 1.46:00 onwards
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