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Thanks for the replies, everyone!

I think it might be tinnitus- I have experienced vertigo about a week ago when I was sitting on my bed. I suddenly felt myself falling forwards and sliding off my bed, it was awful because I had no idea if I moved physically or if it was just in my head. Kind of like when you're falling asleep and your body jerks! It only happened once though.

The alien implant is an interesting theory.
I've been hearing voices, though I can't be 100% sure that its me and not someone else. I only ever hear them when I'm falling asleep and that is usually when all the strange things happen to me. This is the only thing that doesn't support my tinnitus theory.

I've never heard anythinglike this before, it's so loud and alien-like. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi film.

Perhaps this is irrelevant but my cat always sleeps next to the window and lately she has been waking up at around 3-4am and staring at something outside. It scares me sometimes so I try to tell her to go back to sleep and pull her away from the window but she completely freezes and refuses to move. like shes in a trance or something. And I have checked so many times, there is nothing out there, it's not the wind, not an animal, not anything.

This is all fairly recent. I don't remember being abucted, I don't remember being visited by anyone, I don't remember anything.
The only reason why this worries me is because it's not pleasant. It wakes me up.

Anything is possible right?
Could it be possible that the implant isn't physical? Or that there is no implant and I'm just being watched? And if I am, then for what reason?
Wish something would make sense for once.

Thank you again for all the ideas and the advice.
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