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Originally Posted by tinyint View Post
„America – the development from Barbarism to decadence without taking the loop way of culture.“
Georges Benjamin Clemenceau
I've yet to read a quote from Kissinger etc, or one of Obama's writer's that has inspired repetition.

" the extent that any values can be extrapolated from television programming, they clearly extol self-gratification, they normalize intense violence and brutality, they encourage sexual promiscuity through example and stimulated peer pressure. and they pander to the worst public instincts. It is no exaggeration to say that Hollywood movie and TV producers have become cultural subverters who - cynically exploiting the shield offered by the First Amendment - have been propagating a self-destructive social ethic."
-Zbigniew Brzezinski

You know we're being mocked by the recent glut of "zombies" in the media. When this gets me down I quote Brzezinski again;

"...there is nothing comparable, either in the era of enforced religious orthodoxy or even at the high point of totalitarian indoctrination, to the cultural and philosophical conditioning that television exercises on the viewers."

And the modern cinema is now just a glorified TV with less commercials.

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