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Arrow Task Force

Broadcast New Zealand..

21st August Gulf War (023 of 374) - Desert Shield, 1990..

James Norman Mattis was born on 8 September 1950, in Pullman, Washington..His mother immigrated to the US from Canada as an infant and had worked in Army Intelligence in South Africa during the Second World War.. Mattis's father moved to Richland, Washington, to work at a plant supplying fissile material to the Manhattan Project..During his service years, Mattis was considered an intellectual among the upper ranks..Reinforcing this intellectual persona was the fact he carried a copy of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius throughout his deployments..As a colonel, Mattis commanded the 7th Marine Regiment..He led the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade as its commanding officer upon promotion to brigadier general..Mattis is a Catholic, and has been described as devout and committed..The Trump transition team's formal biography of Mattis described him as “the living embodiment of the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis..Mattis popularized the 1st Marine Division's motto "no better friend, no worse enemy", a paraphrase of the famous self-made epitaph for the Roman dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla, in his open letter to all men within the division for their return to Iraq.. He is nicknamed The Warrior Monk because of his bachelorhood and lifelong devotion to the study of war..

7 Faces of Dr Lao Trailer..

As a two-star, John deployed to the MidEast as CG, 7th Marine Expeditionary Brigade and later Deputy CG, I-MEF, leading combat troops in Desert Shield - 7th Marines was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 14 August 1917..On 1 January 1941, the 7th Marine Regiment was re-activated at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba..The regiment moved to what is today Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina..On 18 September 1942 the regiment, landed in the Solomon Islands on Guadalcanal..Arriving in Australia in January 1943, the vast majority of the regiment suffered from malaria, wounds or fatigue..Again and again the regiment was called upon to storm the Japanese-held islands in the Pacific..On 17 August 1950, after the outbreak of the Korean War, the Regiment was reactivated..As the Cuban Missile Crisis subsided, The Seventh Marines returned to Camp Pendleton, California..In 1965, the regiment was deployed to South Vietnam..In August 1990, shortly after shifting the home of the regimental colors from Camp Pendelton to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine, Palms California, the Marines and sailors of the regiment deployed to Saudi Arabia..A second group of Scouts and Raiders, code-named Special Service Unit #1, was established on 7 July 1943, as a joint hand combined operations force
..A being is born into a Naraka as a direct result of his or her accumulated actions... know what I think?..You have power over your mind..I think that we're all in our private traps, clamped in them and none of us can ever get out..Sometimes we deliberately step into those traps, and for all the good or evil, creation or destruction, that your living might have accomplished, you might just as well have never lived at all...
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