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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
I watched a documentary where some engineer (cant remember his background) claims the pyramids was used as a power source. The power was apparently produced by combining two chemicals poured down the airshafts (which apparently contain chemical traces in them) into one of the chambers. It is also claimed it could have produced hydro power by water entering the rough grotto at the bottom and striking the base of the pyramid. Forgot the detail but Im sure its on the net somewhere. The rough state of the grotto and the pyramid base could apparently be a result of this pressure pounding
yeah i've heard the theory of water being used through the pyramid to generate energy

the large blocks above the kings chamber are not arranged to provide sturctural support but imo to act as an amplifier

the chamber is made of granite which of course contains crystals that are good for resonance

just as the freemasons resurrect their initiates to the morning star the kings chamber sarcophagus may have been used for initiations to impact the consciousness of the initiate

when one pharoah died his funeral may have doubled as the coronation of the next king who may have astral projected into the stars to be crowned by the celestial hierarchy

perhaps the 'sarcophagus' was originally covered at times also with a membrane which could have been used with fine dust to create cymatic patterns caused by the resonance of the chamber at different times which would create patterns caused by the stars to produce an alphabet of the stars
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