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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
Of course you dont agree with them just being greedy fatcats. Doesnt fit in with the more exciting view they they are out to get you.

People in the establishment are connected regardles of whether they are freemasons or not. They go to the same schools and clubs, etc. I agree that a secret group of people could conspire to dominate nations but again, you dont need freemasonry for that. To lay the blame for all of this at the door of freemasonry is just bogus and shoddy. In fact it would serve the real perpetrators really well as it would mean the attention was directed at somebody else, another large organisation where they may have infiltrators hiding behind a charitable insituation.

What is clear is that you have absolutely no intetion of admitting that freemasonry does aspire to good values, which Im sure you actually agree with if you studied them, but instead continue to hold out on the abject lie that all freemasons are guilty for the crimes of a few. Like I asked before which you didnt answer, would you hold the average catholic accountable for the sins of the church? same goes for any other group. Good and bad exist in all things.

Davids view is based on what he has read rather than what he knows himself. He also has a bit of a habit of taking the worst case scenario and acting like that is the norm. Lets not forget, he doesnt know for sure what goes on so he doesnt really know the truth and therefore cant have formed a view that is completely accurate, especially as his anti-masonic bias is clear to see. I have read at least 3 of his books so know what he writes. Was actually tempted to get his latest book but thought it might be another repitition like the others seemed to be. Only a person who has seen both sides of a situation can really make an impartial assessement, not a person who is speculating based on possibly corrupt or false information.
If the Bogeyman doubles down and works sundays to help others through hard times....might as well forget hes the Bogeyman then as hes partly doing some good in a small way he terrorises the fearful......
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