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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
except that's patently untrue because much of the information being shared is new information coming out all the time

so for example with health issues it often takes about 40 years to build up a body of evidence that proves conclusively that a substance is harmful

many so called 'conspiracy theorists' have said for years that monsantos roundup is harmful to living things and that monsanto has an agenda

recently a court case ruled that a gardener was indeed given non hodgkins lymphoma by the roundup he was exposed to

The world health organisation had to admit that roundup is 'probably carcinogenic' because tests on animal cells have shown it to be so but obviously you can't test it on humans so it becomes difficult to get that 'definately carcinogenic' label but that doesn't mean that the rest of us have to wait around for that verdict

That information gets shared around as new research comes in.

also the independent media gives a platform to many whistleblowers which is why it knows things before they are reported in the lamestream corporate media for example we knew about saville before he died and the corporate media finally reported on it. We knew about the CIA backed coup in iran in 1953 before the US government finally declassified files in recent years to prove it so

Lots of information is out there but not in the mainstream and the independent media is scouring places for that information and also listening to insiders who are sharing that information
Independant media? what about controlled opposition? what if they are created with the express purpose of deceiving you? what if they give a few facts mixed with a lot of shit to throw you off the scent? I find it odd that you go on about controlled opposition and can put your trust in some people so easily.

I have went onto various truther websites over time and found that what they often do is to cut and paste from each other, so this shared information is generally from once source that cant be verified (not suspicious is it, lol). Im quite certain that a lot of information from whistle blowers is frabrication. All you need is a person with some basic knowledge of say freemasonry, enough to sound authentic, but who will then introduce all sorts of other junk, stuff they know people expect to hear or want to hear, and then people think they have been given inside information when they have really been duped. There are lost of groups out there who would love to destroy freemasonry, or if not destroy to hide within it.

I get it about the health stuff and agree but you cant say that because such a thing applies to one situation then it has to apply to all others. The truth is that big business is often keen to get products on the market without full testing and things may seem safe in the short term but have long term problems. I wouldnt be shocked if some were happy to sell dodgy products as long as they make a packet.
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