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Originally Posted by Amarone View Post
Problem is that nothing happened .
Is there a real Simon Parkes ?
How many other gullible people was he able to convince and what was the purpose of this incident which never took place ?
Indeed. The prediction business is.a big joke. For example...the Nibiru or end of the world crap just goes on and on. Parkes knew that his followers would be able to "break down his code". The only thing he knew

So oz.....what didn't happen? The only thing I could find is that LCFC beat West Brom one nil!
It is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. A proper truther will not hold a fixed, immovable opinion. They will assess all evidence, use logic, reason, critical thinking and position themselves accordingly. If new evidence contradicts and better explains their own, they will adapt. A truther is not afraid to be wrong and is certainly not afraid to change their position. A truther does not ignore contradictory evidence. GOT THAT!?
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