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Default Simon Parkes says MI5 planning ff attack on David Icke's birthday

The relevant part of the interview is the 4 minutes from 01:00 to 05:00

Quote from SP... "I'm not going to go to Leicester on the 29th of April"

Not only was David Icke born on the 29th April ... but also born in Leicester!!!... got his first break into football with Leicester Boys Under-Fourteen team

Leicester is a small British town , with a population of third of a million !!!

Just what are the chances !!!

Clearly an MI5 operative (or AI) has chosen that date and time to link the attack with David.....

The NWO have been reading themselves for a move on the conspiracy movement for some time ...they want to close down what they call "fake" news sites and forums ... first they need the public behind this move ...

If this attack was to go ahead the link to Icke would definitely come out in MSM, perhaps the attack would be blamed on a crazy conspiracy theorist , a follower of Icke!

The only way we can prevent this is to expose their plans .. as SP says @ 02:00 ..."...... One of the reasons they have to do that (give hints of where the next attack will be)., is that if it's detected And if it's put out there (in alt media) energetically ,then it either puts it back , or scrubs it ....."
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