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Originally Posted by adrian_au View Post
You're right I didn't realise this, and YES you may be onto something.. I did a google search and found this:


I'm not sure about all this, i've never been deep into astrology but i do find this is quite interesting now you've pointed this out, and especially co-inciding with the world cup, we'll have to wait and see i guess??
(there's more info about this on the site i got this from:

Good find.. we need some info on the location in South Africa as I believe this has been planned years in advance and the reason that South Africa did not host the 2006 tournament that they were hot favourites for.

I have read about sacrificial gestures during eclipses, there are these excellent vids and thread from agentzippo about the total eclipse and films i.e Apocalypto movie featuring total eclipse and is about to kick off?
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