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Originally Posted by diamond dogs View Post
What effect does the total eclipse during the World Cup Final have??

A huge symbolic meaning!!

It gives a new meaning to 'It's all going to kick off soon'
You're right I didn't realise this, and YES you may be onto something.. I did a google search and found this:


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 26th, 2010 occurs at 4°50' Capricorn, a Cardinal sign, with the Sun on the mid-heaven in Cancer, another Cardinal sign (remember, the Sun and Moon are always opposed at a Lunar Eclipse). It is significant because, although not visible in Europe and some other parts of the world, the Moon is exactly conjunct Pluto (obstruction; transformation) at the nadir of the Greenwich chart, while Saturn (karma; restriction; sorrow) is rising conjunct the ascendant, closely opposing Uranus (disruption) and Jupiter (leadership; fortune), which are setting (in Aries, another Cardinal sign). An angular Grand Cross aspect is formed, superimposed upon a Grand Trine! This is a foretaste of the complex Cardinal Climax phase that is forming in the heavens, climaxing this year on July 31, a rare occurrence indeed and one which will have powerful effects upon the world and those who dwell therein. It makes intense contacts with the US chart, the UK chart, the EC (European Community, now the European Union) chart, the Federal Reserve chart and the UN chart—not to mention the Australia chart. The FIFA World Cup in South Africa has been positioned right across the eclipse cycle (June 11 – July 11), with the last day of the contest being on the day of the Solar Eclipse! Did they consult an astrologer for that..? [The Cardinal Climax, a once-in-a-lifetime development between 2009 and 2012 that retunes the collective unconscious, redirecting social imperatives, will be analysed in another article, under preparation.]

Let's look at these aspects individually. The most immediately striking thing is the conjunction of the Moon with Pluto, with the Sun conjunct Mercury in opposition at the time of the eclipse. In addition to the stress inherent in the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, the conjunction of the Moon and Pluto awakens very powerful, strong-willed emotions and intense feelings. The Sun in opposition gives difficulties with obstacles from those whose egos are threatened by situations in which power and control are paramount. Political disputes and social revolutions threaten danger and destruction. The common people (the Moon, Saturn) will be inclined to overthrow or resist their rulers (Sun, Jupiter) who will seek to control and repress them, even while offering blandishments and concessions.

Saturn is rising in Virgo, so the military will be ready to take control in trouble spots. These are likely to be in Europe, where tinder-boxes are crackling, thanks to the financial crisis. The eclipse angles are exactly superimposed upon the chart of the European Community, so Saturn (restriction, control, sorrow, karma, the past, the masses) is rising exactly conjunct the EC ascendant. This chart is very heavily stressed in weeks ahead by the Solar Eclipse and then the Cardinal Climax. Greece's chart too is heavily stressed by the eclipses and the 1974 chart also has Moon conjunct Pluto. This is not to say that other areas will not be affected. For example, Thailand is already more than crackling with political violence, and it's significant that the eclipse Moon and Pluto fall exactly upon the ascendant of King Phumiphon Adunyadet (who is currently very ill in hospital), while eclipse Mars (violence) is exactly square his natal Saturn (common people) and eclipse Saturn is exactly opposed to his natal Uranus (disruption;catastrophe). Astrologically, the chart of the ruler always indicates developments in the nation, when activated. The Solar Eclipse also violently activates his chart, but enough of that.

Riots in Greece
Each of us will experience these stresses according to where the eclipse falls in our own charts, but stresses they will be! The Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will be most affected, especially if you were born early in the sign. There are a number of other notable aspects, the most intense being the opposition of Mercury and Pluto, so it may be we are so intent on exerting the force of our own thoughts that we refuse to listen, or that others attempt to manipulate our ideas to their advantage. It just isn't the best time for easy exchanges or free thinking. Information may be withheld as a form of paranoia or protection, or the wrong information is deliberately given in an effort to mislead. Jupiter and Saturn are the Great Chronocrators, or Time Lords, and their major aspects always mark important developments, with the opposition being the most cathartic. The T-square of Sun/Mercury to Jupiter and Uranus opposing Saturn announces a major shift of social priorities, probably in a direction that has been unexpected by most. Traditional values are threatened or even overthrown in the chaos, which comes about through forces over which we have no personal control. Normal schedules or plans may be disrupted by the weather, war, or other forces in the environment. The good side is that we will be forced to create unorthodox responses that may prove valuable in the long term. We may also feel that we are asserting our freedom or independence in so doing.

Some may be tempted to exaggerate their social status, professional position, intellectual accomplishments, or monetary assets. Restlessness and discontent, or others you wish to impress, may awaken this urge to embroider the fabric of one's achievements. We have to make choices here, and the sheer volume of information may become overwhelming. Don't get swamped in the details, but be sure to check that the info on which you base your decision is accurate.
I'm not sure about all this, i've never been deep into astrology but i do find this is quite interesting now you've pointed this out, and especially co-inciding with the world cup, we'll have to wait and see i guess??
(there's more info about this on the site i got this from:
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