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15 December 2018

Video + Russian text:

Same video on Youtube:

Computer translation into English:

Valdis Pelsh told viewers of Channel One about his new adventures in Antarctica

Survive, enjoy the beauty of the icy continent and once again survive is the motto that can be adopted by the participants of the first autonomous rally in Antarctica. Today, Valdis Pelsh told about how many kilometers are behind, what happened to his colleagues because of too dry air, and actually shows what he has to endure cold and constant headaches piercing to the bone.

Comrades, viewers, allow me to make a preliminary report! Passed 1,200 kilometers, consumed a ton of fuel, ate only 42 from the 77 kilograms of products laid at the norm. Mountain sickness leads with all the ensuing consequences: headache, Cheyne-Stokes breathing, lack of appetite. That's where, by the way, come from 42 kilograms. Bleeding of the nasopharynx is in the second place, because the air is very dry and the height is 3600. And isolated cases of diarrhea and stomatitis shared the third place, we will not name the names.

And now about the beautiful: we decided to change our route and go past the Plateau station, this is an American station, abandoned by people in 1969. Over the past 50 years, I think a person has probably been to this area, probably 10.

If there is something interesting, we will definitely show you. Well, since the nightingale does not feed fables, see our story, which we shot on the first day of our stay on the Antarctic mainland:

- relatively close to Novolazarevskoye station, well, “comparatively” by Antarctic standards, in 150 kilometers there is the mountain massif Voltat and two vertical peaks of Hultan and Ulmitan. It seems that a huge spacecraft crashed somewhere here, and this is the spray from the explosion. The mountains that surround this array are absolutely standard in shape. But there are nowhere else in Antarctica.

Valdis Pelsh

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