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Arrow MillTown

Mairéad Farrell..

Massacre Attack..
On 6 March 1988, Provisional IRA members Daniel McCann, Seán Savage and Mairéad Farrell were shot dead by the Special Air Service (SAS) in Gibraltar.. This caused outrage among Irish republicans and their supporters as the three were unarmed and allegedly shot without warning..McCann was born into an Irish republican family from the Clonard area of West Belfast.. He was educated at primary level at St Gall's Primary School, Belfast, and at secondary level at St Mary's Grammar School on Belfast's Glen Road..Born to an Irish republican family in the Kashmir area of Belfast, Savage was educated at primary level at St. Gall's Primary School and later at St. Paul's Secondary School in the Falls Road area of West Belfast..According to the Royal Ulster Constabulary, in 1987 Seán Savage and Daniel McCann killed 2 RUC Special Branch officers at Belfast docks..Farrell was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland to a middle class family with no link to militant Irish republicanism other than a grandfather who was interned during the Irish War for Independence.. She was educated at Rathmore Grammar School, Belfast..On 5 April 1976, along with Kieran Doherty and Sean McDermott, she attempted to plant a bomb at the Conway Hotel in Dunmurry, as that hotel had often been used by British soldiers on temporary duty to Northern Ireland.. She was arrested by (RUC) officers within an hour of planting the bomb..Her boyfriend Sean McDermott was shot dead by an RUC reservist at a nearby housing estate..She was sentenced to 14 years in prison for explosives offences, to be served in Armagh Women's Prison..When she arrived in Armagh Gaol, Farrell refused to wear a prison uniform in protest at the designation of paramilitary prisoners as criminals..She was the first woman to do so, and the second person after Kieran Nugent, a prisoner in the H-Blocks of HMP Maze..Upon her release from prison in October 1986, Farrell enrolled at Queen's University, Belfast for a course in Political Science and Economics.. However, she dropped out of university to play a larger role in the IRA's armed campaign...

The funerals, minutes before the attack..

The Milltown Cemetery attack took place on 16 March 1988 in Belfast's Milltown Cemetery. During the funeral of three Provisional IRA volunteers killed in Gibraltar, an Ulster Defence Association (UDA) volunteer, Michael Stone, attacked the mourners with hand grenades and pistols.. As Stone then ran towards the nearby motorway, a large crowd began chasing him and he continued shooting and throwing grenades..Some of them caught him and began beating him, but he was rescued by the police and arrested..3 people had been killed and more than 60 wounded.. The "unprecedented, one-man attack" was filmed by TV news crews and caused shock around the world..Present were thousands of mourners and top members of the IRA and Sinn Féin, including Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness..For years, republicans had complained about heavy-handed policing of IRA funerals, which had led to violet.. In a change from normal procedure, the British Army and (RUC) decided they would pull back from the funerals of the "Gibraltar Three" and keep watch from the sidelines..This followed negotiations with Catholic church leaders...

Three days later, at the funeral of one of Stone's victims, 2 non-uniformed British soldiers drove into the funeral procession..Bystanders, who reportedly thought it was a replay of an attack like that carried out by Stone, dragged the soldiers from their car; the 2 corporals were later shot dead by the IRA..The two men were then dragged from the car before being taken away,beaten and shot dead by republicans.. The incident is often referred to as the corporals killings and, like the attack at Milltown, much of it was filmed by TV news cameras..The Browning pistol Stone used was seized on the day of the attack and was eventually used by an IRA unit to ambush a combined RUC/British Army patrol in Belfast on 13 October 1990.. A constable was shot dead and another badly injured...

3 people were killed while pursuing Stone..2 Catholic civilians Thomas McErlean (20) and John Murray (26), and a Provisional IRA volunteer, Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh (30).. During the attack about 60 people were wounded by bullets, grenade shrapnel & fragments of marble and stone from Tombstones.. Among those wounded was a pregnant mother of 4, a 72-year-old grandmother and a 10-year-old boy..That evening, angry youths in republican districts burnt hijacked vehicles and attacked the RUC..Sinn Féin and others "claimed that there must have been collusion with the security forces, because only a small number of people knew in advance of the reduced police presence at the funerals"..Stone claimed a "senior member of the UDA" had given him the organisation's "official" clearance for the attack and claimed he was given a Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol, a Ruger .357 Magnum revolver and will blow your head clean off..se7en RGD-5 grenades the night before the funeral..Burke frequently liked to lock his victims, notably the young children of his victims,in refrigerators..When Burke had a problem collecting money he was owed, and the unfortunate debtor had children, he would pick the child up in his huge arm, open the refrigerator with the other, and say, "If you don't do whatcha supposed to, I'm gonna lock your kid inside the fuckin' refrigerator"..Stone received sentences totaling 682 years, but was released after serving 13 years as a result of the Good Friday Agreement... rearrange the dead families into an audience to see what you do..You think that what you do will Make you into something different..You are becoming..What is it you think you're becoming?.The answer is in the way you use the mirrors..What do the Mirrors make you dream you're becoming?..Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight, Will?..

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