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Of course the so called "treatments" for cancer is all a big conspiracy. You can cure yourself of any illness by simply changing your diet, the body has amazing self-regenerating powers to heal itself. Not justthrough diet, but there are plenty of alternative remedies out there, but diet I would say is the main one. We have been brainwashed since birth to go to the docs if there is anything wrong and to take the doc's advice. We are not told that we can indeed cure ourselves and that we can indeed prevent stuff happening to us in the first place, by our own means.

I have not taken any form of painkiller for example since (re) discovering that diet can heal, not a pill from the chemist. There is big money to be made from keeping people ill, from enticing them with shit fast food, making them ill from that, then having to go to the docs for drugs to ease the pain. I do believe alot of docs still do not know about the natural healing of plants and because they are paid bonuses by the drugs companies, would rather keep their patients ill and dependant, rather than advising them of how they can cure themselves.

Diabetes is another, totally self curable, just 2 websites that may be of interest...

Life is so fascinating when you step outside of the box....
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