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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
ok so if trump is legit in any way shape or form he has to now reach out to the black and hispanic sections of society and reassure them that he is committed to protecting gthe jobs of ALL americans

the best way to show he is not the racist that the fake-left has accused him of being is to improve the propserity of ALL americans

However the central banksters who want the NWO government cannot allow a nation state to be a success...they can' they will continue to try and sabotage things in the background

trump needs to not piss about with window dressing and go right for the core of the problem: CONTROL OF THE MONEY SUPPLY

Take the control of the money supply off the central bankers or you are just another fake system server trump!

Also for fuck sake pull back from world war 3 with russia!

You really seem to have a lot of optimism.
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