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Originally Posted by sparkplug View Post
the former head of HMRC seemingly in the pocket of the elite, and even the HMRC buildings are owned by an off shore company!
the HMRC has no government minister to oversee it

it has its roots in the 'exchequer' which was created by the jewish administrators of william the conqueror to tax his new subjects

in the middle of the 'city of london' banking district is 'the temple' which was the property of the knights templar who were jewish bloodlines who formed the worlds first transnational corporation which was a banking powerhouse

the order was run by ceremonial magicians and their red cross is still on the emblem of the city of london today which depicts the dragon of matter clutching the bloody cross of the rose-crucian templars which itself is a sex magic symbol as the cross is the phallus and the blood is menstrual blood

according to a policeman i saw interviewed on the keiser report the british police cannot investigate fraud in the city of london without first obtaining the signature of the secretary of state who therefore acts as a gatekeeper of the square mile banking district

Originally Posted by sparkplug View Post
Why should anyone who goes to work pay tax when the elite and global business don't!
the super rich keep their wealth offshore beyond the hands of the tax man while the rest of us are taxed on everything from clothes to food and drink to petrol as well as on our income
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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