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Arrow Hercules Wings

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The 2005 Royal Air Force Hercules shootdown was the loss of a Royal Air Force Lockheed C-130K Hercules C3, serial number XV179,(1+7+9=East 17) callsign Hilton 22, when it was shot down in Iraq, probably by Sunni insurgents, on 30 January 2005, killing all 10 personnel on board.. At the time, the incident was the largest single loss of life suffered by the British military during Operation Telic..On 30 January 2005, Hercules XV179 took off from Baghdad at 1622 local time.. It was to fly at low level to Balad to deliver freight and the single passenger Acting L/Cpl Steven Jones of the Royal Signals.. Six minutes later it reported a fire on board, L/Cpl Jones, stating: "No duff, no duff, We are on fire, we are on fire".. and it was confirmed "missing" at 1655.. You wouldn't be trying to blackmail old J.R., would you?..

American Apache helicopters located the crash site 45 minutes after the distress call.. As the site was in a hostile area, the priority was for human remains, personal effects and classified material to be recovered at the time.. Part of the right hand wing had been detached and it was found over a mile from the crash site.. The investigating team was only able to spend a short time at both sites.. By 3 February the site had been looted and the wreckage taken; it was decided not to attempt to recover the wreckage from the looters.. Those killed included 8 crew from RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire, another RAF serviceman and one soldier..The aircraft was fitted with various defences including the "Nemesis Directional Infra-Red Countermeasures", flares, chaff and a missile warning system...

A Hercules C3 similar to the aircraft shot down..

The Board came to the conclusion that the aircraft had been shot down by ground fire; a projectile had penetrated the starboard wing fuel tank, causing a fire in the wing, the subsequent explosion leading to the loss of 23 ft of wing including the aileron..An internal RAF investigation concluded that a foam suppressant system might have prevented the loss of the aircraft and that "as a matter of urgency" all aircraft exposed to such risks should be fitted, at a cost of £600,000 each..RAF Lyneham was the Royal Air Force's principal Transport hub, operating the modern Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules, and the aging, but very adaptable, Lockheed C-130K Hercules.. The airfield was designated as a Master Diversion Airfield..The airfield became renowned for being the "gateway" between the United Kingdom and Afghanistan; the station was also where repatriation of British personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan took place. The bodies were transported through the nearby town of Royal Wootton Bassett, with crowds lining the streets to pay tribute to the fallen..The station was opened on 18 May 1940 as No. 33 Maintenance Unit, with no ceremony and few personnel..Individuals who were exposed to DES during their mothers' pregnancies are commonly referred to as "DES daughters" and "DES sons"...

1-Squadron Leader Patrick Marshall Aged 39 and divorced, he was a staff officer serving with Headquarters Strike Command, High Wycombe, and was on temporary detachment to Iraq as a liaison officer..

2-Flight Lieutenant David Stead Aged 35 and married, he was a pilot serving with 47 Squadron based at RAF Lyneham..Steady had been involved in operations around the globe with the Hercules fleet in Afghanistan and Iraq.. Crews always showed a depth of trust and confidence in his captaincy that motivated them to give their all..

3-Flight Lieutenant Andrew Smith A pilot serving with 47 Squadron, based at RAF Lyneham, he was a single man aged 25..Andrew ‘Smudge’ Smith was born on 1 July 1979 in Doncaster and educated at Matthew Humberstone School, Cleethorpes. Andrew then read Environmental management at Lancaster University, where he gained a BSc (Hons)...

4-Flight Lieutenant Paul Pardoel An Australian, aged 35 and married, he was a navigator with 47 Squadron at RAF Lyneham..Paul ‘Pards’ ‘Paulie’ Pardoel was born in Melbourne, Australia, on 15 June 1969 and spent his youth growing up in the Australian city of Ballarat..His endless patience and gentle encouragement was a direct result of the pure joy he got from Jordie, Jackson and India...

5-Master Air Engineer Gary Nicholson Aged 42 and divorced, he was an Air engineer serving with 47 Squadron at RAF LynehamHe was awarded his Air engineer brevet on 15 August 1983 and was posted to RAF Lyneham to join the Hercules fleet..Gary Nic saw action in many theatres over his 23 years of service...

6-Chief Technician Richard Brown An avionics specialist, aged 40 and divorced, he served with the Engineering Wing at RAF Lyneham, the home-base for all RAF Hercules..Indeed, he worked ceaselessly for charity and in 1998 was awarded an 11 Group Commendation for his charity work during his time at RAF Kinloss..

7-Flight Sergeant Mark Gibson An Air loadmaster, aged 34 and married, he served with 47 Squadron based at RAF Lyneham..He joined the RAF aged 17 on 6 October 1987 and undertook training as an Air loadmaster on 15 April 1988..As an instructor, his depth of knowledge and ability to relate to all made him a natural, Poppy..

8-Sergeant Robert O'Connor Aged 38 and single, an Engineering technician serving with the Engineering Wing at RAF Lyneham, the home-base for all RAF Hercules..He was held in the highest esteem and regard by his work colleagues and superiors for his knowledge, dedication and professionalism....

9-Corporal David Williams Aged 37 Married with 3 young children he was a Survival equipment fitter serving with the Engineering Wing at RAF Lyneham, the home-base for all RAF Hercules..A member of the Royal Air Force for 17 years, he had amassed a wealth of knowledge and was a totally dedicated individual who epitomised professionalism.

10-Lance Corporal Steve Jones Aged 25 and single, he served with the Royal Signals and came from Fareham..He was always adventurous, fun loving and had a wicked sense of humour.. Steve will forever be in the hearts of those that knew him best.. The family would like to request that they and his friends are allowed to grieve together in peace...

The aircraft was on a flight between Baghdad International Airport and Balad airbase when it crashed.. UK and US forces have secured the crash site, and are now recovering the bodies, and attempting to ascertain the cause of the crash.. We are aware of reports that the aircraft may have been shot down, but we are not in a position to come to any conclusions until the investigation is complete.."I can only echo the sentiment of the Prime Minister in recognising the sacrifice of these Servicemen"...Up to 5 of the planes – more than a 10th of the fleet – have developed the potentially dangerous defect, according to documents leaked to The Sunday Telegraph..The report adds that with a further 5 C130s being retired from service this summer, the future for military training exercises is "bleak"... map is Britain using when it completely ignores the United Nations and decides to invade Iraq?..Every civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compromises with its own values..Big pharmaceuticals are right up there with the arms Dealers..You've taught me a lot about religion, your Eminence...

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