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Originally Posted by ex sheep View Post
Nice to see our new members "getting it"
Keep your mind open to ALL possibilities, that's the only way the truth gets through, but you don't have to believe it all, until of course, you "know"
Welcome to the forum
The only reason I came to these forums is because I was searching for people I could talk to about what I have been feeling. The only person/friend I know who "gets it" introduced me to the double slit experiment and that started it.
But when you say you "know" I trust that I am simply not there yet. But do you agree with everything David Icke says? What about people like David Wilcock? Or Mayan calender decoding as per Ian Lungold and such? It seems like they are all on the same page about consciousness and manifestation, but then you hear Reptilians, Looking Glass Device, 9 levels of consciousness etc., it seems like it never ends. But I suppose what really can't be exist?
Picture somewhat related, always makes me laugh.

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