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Originally Posted by chokurei View Post
As the previous poster, I too am relatively new to the awakening, at least as far as most of the theories are concerned and there are many. There are some, like the reptilian theory and the moon etc which I find very hard to believe at this point. However, a blanket dismissal of the more challenging theories that we cannot always see/prove/measure would play straight into the hands of those who seek to control the populace ( i DO believe in a NWO). Those that govern by stealth do so because they believe the majority of people are stupid, expendable and exsist to be exploited for financial gain.

I think as long as the populace can be "awakened" to the fact that they are currently being denied the "truth" for nefarious reasons, shown how to observe some of the dreadful social engineering that has been going on in recent years and fight for their rights to independent thought, then the main objective is being striven for.

A refusal to accept the mind control exerted upon us is the first step into the metaphorical battle that is kicking off.
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