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Seems to me that some people are desperate to have everything exposed as a hoax. Mind, Scottish culture is a facade as tartan, bagpipes and haggis are not originally Scottish. Even family tartan isnt that old an idea.
ah so scottish people have not been weaving plaid for a long time?

sure they were duller colours that acted as perfect camoflage in the heather but it was still tartan

can you show me some bagpipes from elsewhere that are exactly like the highland bagpipe? But yes people across the world have created instruments out of bladders and flutes but show me where the music style is found elsewhere in the world that is like the gaelic

also prove to me that gaelic people weren't boiling meat in a sheeps stomach for thousands of years

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I think its odd that people think that Celts somehow come from Scotland and Wales when they have been shown to have came from eastern Europe, Scots, Welsh and Irish being remnants of that culture.
the celts show their lingustic seeds and genetic markers spread across europe and across to turkey. So what? You can't inhabit a land covered in ice

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It has been shown that the earliest form of Indo-European language is actually Hittite, which I found very interesting.
well the hittites are aryans and a branch of them split off and went to india and formed the vedic culture
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