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Default Cop shoots man in face and tries to frame him

New York City off-duty cop, Sgt. Ritchard Blake (40), was caught on camera shooting Thayvone Santana (21), and then planting a shiny object next to the body for “evidence” that the victim was trying to rob him.
After Blake notices the surveillance camera, he picks the object up and puts it back in his pocket.

The video shows that Blake and Santana are talking to each other in an agitated manner. At no time does Santana physically attack, or pull a weapon. Blake pulls a gun from his waistband and fires 2 or 3 bullets into Santana’s face.
Santana is still in hospital after undergoing multiple surgeries.
Blake was not arrested and only placed on “desk duty”. If Blake had been an “ordinary citizen”, he would surely have been arrested. Blake was on probation after he was arrested 2 years ago related to an incident with his girlfriend at the time.

Santana’s family has explained that what happened has to do with a dispute over a woman (Blake’s girlfriend 2 years ago):

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