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Originally Posted by old_stag View Post
Wednesday was one of those rare jewels. A wonderful summer's day in November.
I took a bus up to the foot of the Campsie Fells just north of Glasgow and wandered up to the top of the crags at around 1300 feet.

I sat for hours looking out over the sleepy villages beneath me and in the distance through the haze were the monolithic tower blocks of Glasgow
A murder of crows performed dogfights off the edge of the crags. Soaring, falling, looping, their acrobatics put a sense of wonder into me.
I could tell by their calls that they were happy. And watching them made me happy. We were all happy.
yeh gorgeous area the campsies, i spent tons of my life there and the trossachs, it's a connection point for me to the rest of the universe, in the wind and rain it's a test of your resolve out there but ultimately rewarding.
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