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Originally Posted by ritchs View Post
The truth of the hollow earth subject is much more easy to hide from people, than exaggerations of atrocities in ww2. We can talk to people and obtain eyewitness accounts and look to historians for facts about the war.

But the very remote & frigid extreme terrain and temperatures make hiding a hollow earth real easy. You Can Not get a google earth shot of the north polar axis, nor a Nasa one, nor the southern one either. Any I don't think Admiral Byrd and Secretary Forrester were loonies for one minute.

That might be a story with enormous meat on it. Many u-boats went missing in the last days of the war, and well placed citizens too of the Reich.

But there are entire threads on this, just mentioning it. But this info is buried very deep. Doubt we will find out that one
Originally Posted by ritchs View Post
The hollow earth legend has been around at least decades and even earlier in old books. Who has the resources to go there anyway. And they would be mocked in the controlled press.

And its not information, just theories, that have been much written about. Like mythical Atlantis, Agartha is the name of the inner earth and both poles are No Fly Zones for many decades. Commercial aviation cannot go over the poles. Ancient Viking explorers allegedly reported birds and seagrass and driftwood in places where it should not have been

This is a purported film from Russian station Mir
but It is just a curiosity, not hard proof of anything

There are books available online on this topic
Uncovering this info solidly would on a par of proving Atlantis or ET's and anything like that. And it dovetals somewhat with our hidden history with all its aspects.

We know for sure we are being lied to about many things
Thanks. When I was commenting some predictions of Alex Collier, the iner earth was one of them. I set up to find information and research on this, but I had no time. Looks like I have to get to take a look at that.
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