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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
I'm not sure (anymore) about the sentence you quoted. I only had an unreliable source...

Because neither HIV nor HPV cause severe illness, these “viruses” shouldn’t be a reason for wearing a condom…
According to the state propaganda, condoms when used properly offer (almost) 100% protection against HIV (I couldn’t find any study that condoms prevent AIDS).

Human Papillomaviruses reportedly have a size of +/-55 nm in diameter (nanometre is 10^-9 metre).
HIV reportedly has a size of 110 to 146 nm.

According to the following story condoms don’t protect against HIV.

Dr. C. Michael Roland of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory tells that the standard U.S. government leakage test (ASTM) will detect water leakage through holes as small as 10 to 12 microns (micron: 10^-6 metre).
Roland says these tests showed that 33% of the tested condoms didn’t stop HIV-sized particles:

According to the following article (no placebo controlled trial…), male condoms reduced the rate of HIV transmission in couples were only one the partners is HIV-positive (serodiscordant couples) with 70 to 80%:

I don’t know if the 2 articles in this post are reliable though…
May be we should email Durex and see what they say about the protection then. A fact is a fact.
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