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If all vaccines are safe, why does the US Government have an entire fund/process for vaccine related injuries where they’ve paid $3,753,777,757.38 to individuals that suffered harm from vaccines over the past 30 years?
February 4, 2019 by IWB
by tjeff_2020

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created to resolve vaccine related injuries and over the past 30 years, they’ve paid more than $3.7bil to people that have been injured by vaccines. With attorneys fees included, they’ve paid more than $4bil. That’s a lot of money paid for something that we’re not allowed to question…. and if I’m being 100% honest, I think Big Pharma, et al bankrolled the politicians that enacted it in order to avoid liability and personal accountability. By having a fund and government run program in place, companies that make the vaccines avoid civil suits with individual payouts but more importantly, they avoid the chance of potentially damning evidence being produced during discovery.
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