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Like sannox I too have a Vango, the canvas force ten model.

Flint & Steel
Swiss Army knife & Filleting knife
Water bottle
A lightweight multi fuel stove. (Never as light as a flint & steel & an open fire though!)
Billie nest

The list below is for a small kit from another forum, it's a good list and one of several going from this example up to a full cache list.

I like lists.

This thread is for idea submissions on things to include in an SHTF bugout kit.

Updated lists will be maintained in this original post via edits.

1) The SMALL kit (fits in an altoids box, keep on person at all times):
---50 feet of braided fishing line wound on a round sewing-machine bobbin.
---Fishing tackle kit in a plastic tube. Inside are assorted hooks, swivels, and split shot.
---steel striker with mini-match magnesium fire starter
---waterproof/windproof matches
---Tinder-Quick fire tabs
---1/2" diameter emergency candle, cut to the height of the altoids box
---Photon Micro-Light II miniature LED flashlight
---Reynolds oven-bag for use as a water bag
---20 Potable Aqua water purification tablets, repackaged in a mini glass vial.
---10 feet of 24-gauge snare wire.
---small signal mirror
---miniature compass
---wire saw
---xacto knife blades
---small packet antibiotic ointment
---butterfly bandages
---nylon string
---sewing needles
---small piece of glue from a glue-gun stick
---small instruction cards for fishing knots, etc.
---Fresnel magnifier
---safety pin
---2' aluminum foil
---iodine capsules

>>>The Kit<<<
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