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I just want to reccomend those "trioxane" fuel tablets........... i have just got some and i tryed lighting a little piece and it burned for 5 and a half mins, so quite impressive.......... -
These some info and links which i will post about the main pieces of kit which i have, for anyone intrested.....

Everthing which i show here i reccomend and so far have not failed me -

"100L outdoor gear rucksack" - ^some good pictures there aswell of it.

"Vango banshee 300 tent" -

"Dutch army sleeping bag" - < me sleeping bag seems very similar to that one But tbh i am not a 100% sure.

"Tough skin thermarest" - These a review page of the thermarest mattress -

"Tarp" -
Tools/knifes -

Kukri machete -

Cold steel shovel -

Survival chainsaw - This is a good saw which u can fit in your pocket and i have cut through thick logs with it -
Frostmora "craftsman" knife -

Swiss army knife - I forgot the name of it but it has a locking blade which is a good feature which some of the others dont have.......

"Para Cord" -
^^^ All of this is some of my kit which i reccomend because i havent had any problems with them so far, i am not saying that these are the best though by along shot, just some things which so far have worked for me.

You are more than welcome to reccomend other things which have also worked for you or which you think may be better.......

I hope it helps the newer folks who are getting a kit together and it might save them wasteing some money.........because i have wasted hundreds on shit items - tents/sleeping bags/rucksacks/knives/shovels/tools ect.....

But like i said before i am also trying to improve on my own kit and any reccomendations will be appreciated.


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