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Originally Posted by blackster View Post
Hi Petercookie you look well prepared mate

I have got a question for you regarding knives, is the machete a Cold Steel Kukri Machete ? if so did you have any trouble getting it with living in the UK. I live in your neck of the woods and I'm interested in getting myself some gear put together, so i guess what I'm trying to say is it still easy to get your hands on stuff like that with the draconian knife laws we have in this country.

Any info and advice will be greatly appreciated
Yep it is the cold steel kukri machete. I bought mine from here -

These some good videos too if you havent seen them -

When i got it all it really needed was abit of a sharpening and it was ready to go, i have used it afew times too, battoning ect and its had no problems what-so-ever thuss far.

Thanks for your support too mate, its appreciated........

thought I would keep you updated anyway
Ok tracker, no probs mate..........

(As a side note, if anyone could reccomend any decent rucksacks that would be good, the one i hvae got is allright like, just thinking about getting a new one sometime.)

I just want to add aswell - the "webtex machete" got welded because it broke, thats why there is string around the handle/tang. When i took it apart, the tang was designed poorly and when battoning with it, it cracked and broke at the tang, so i dont reccomend them.

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